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Indianapolis, IN 46220

We do the outside.


Estate Landscape Management is a complete outdoor maintenance company. We strive to create beautiful lawns and outdoor spaces that cater to your individual needs.

ELM will help you turn your outdoor dreams into reality. Your outdoor space should be a part of your everyday living and entertaining space and we can help you every step of the way through that transformation. Through the months of March through November we all like to spend as many hours as possible in the outdoors. Instead of spending most of that time maintaining your landscape, spend your time the way you would like to enjoy it whether it be chasing the kids around the freshly cut lawn, listening to your new pond trickle over the rocks, or watching the sunset on the horizon as you enjoy a glass of wine and view your amazing landscape that has been created just for you.

You may already have the landscape of your dreams but need someone to take care of all of the maintenance. Not only will we maintain your landscape as much as you would like from us coming out weekly, monthly, twice/year or the frequency of your choice to make sure you have to work as little as possible but we will also take care of all of your other outdoor contractors. We will schedule your pool and irrigation maintance, electrical work, etc. We are a management company in all aspects; we manage your property and all other contractors you wish for us to deal with and everything will come on one monthly bill.

Our motto is 'We do the outside' (at times we even do a little of the inside) and we couldn't believe in this more, call us with any request, outrageous or not, and we can pretty much guarantee we will be able to help you out and if not we will be able to find someone who can.